Delivering as One UN Annual Report 2012

Delivering as One in Rwanda

The year 2012 marked a significant milestone for the UN System -Wide Coherence agenda as it was the last year of the pilot phase for the Delivering as One (DaO).Globally, the strong commitment to Delivering as One was maintained as reflected in the significant increase in the number of countries adopting the DaO approach,thus, resulting in the strengthening of national leadership and ownership of the UN reform process.

The Government of Rwanda continued to demonstrate strong leadership and ownership of the UN processes. It has implemented several mechanisms to enhance aid effectiveness and coordination among development partners as well as facilitating a favourable environment for effective development cooperation. Indeed the Delivering as One reform efforts in Rwanda have enjoyed tremendous support from the Government since its inception in 2007. The Government is setting the tone for effective economic transformation through its exemplary model of visionary, innovative and transformational leadership. The remarkable socio-economic changes that have been experienced in Rwanda over the past few years is infact a testimony of how people’s lives can be changed through visionary leadership and are mobilizing the whole population around a national vision for sustainable development.

Undoubtedly, the UN system in Rwanda has made remarkable progress towards achieving the objectives of Delivering as One. In collaboration with the Government and other development partners, significant progress was recorded in all UNDAF result areas and the work of the UNDAF theme groups have seen marked improvements, coherent coordination for joint planning and implementation under the technical and advisory guidance of the Programme Planning and Oversight Committee (PPOC). For instance, through the participatory programming process, duplication has been reduced and synergies between agencies increased, resulting in a better division of labor through which agencies can focus on the activities where they have the comparative advantage.

The EDPRS II emphases the creation of transformational capacity in productive sectors and employment creation through dramatically shifting from factor-driven growth to efficiency and innovation -driven growth.The UN, using the strengthened Delivering as One Framework, strives to contribute even more effectively and efficiently to development planning processes of the country. In 2012, the UNCT accelerated its efforts to provide relevant and strategic support in a number of sectors, such as education, social protection, HIV/AIDS, governance,environment and natural resources management, health and population, private sector development, nutrition, gender mainstreaming, among others. Indeed, the UNCT demonstrated strong commitment to ensuring that the next UNDAP (2013-2018) is fully aligned to the national priorities set out in the EDPRS II.The year 2012 also presented Rwanda with a number of significant challenges resulting from natural disasters,increased international competition and regional insecurity due to the war in the Eastern DRC. Through the Delivering as One, the UN family successfully responded to the Government’s request to provide humanitarian support as well as capacity strengthening for disaster management. The successful and timely response demonstrated that the UN agencies can indeed maximize their impact by working jointly, building on the comparative advantage and technical expertise of each agency, and by facilitating national ownership and government leadership.

The five years of implementation of the DaO has changed the way the UN works in Rwanda. The UN Country Team has built a strong sense of “One UN” and strengthened the spirit of joint collaboration and teamwork.

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