Decision Making Mechanisms

In Rwanda, in the context of the new UNDAP 2013-2018 cycle, the decision making and coordination mechanisms have been defined as summarized in the organogram below.   (Add picture organograme) .  The Implementing UN Agencies are responsible for ensuring the implementation of the activities funded through the UN which are required to achieve the UNDAP outputs. The Implementing UN Agencies carry both programmatic and financial accountability for their activities.   UN Agencies are members of the Development Results Groups (DRGs).  These serve as coordination mechanisms to ensure the development, implementations, quality, coherence and consistency of the UNDAP Results as well as monitoring and reporting on programme implementation.   .......

ONE UN Rwanda Decision Making Structures

The Programme Planning and Oversight Committee (PPOC) will guide analytical work in the UNDAP implementation process. They as well will support the UNCT by providing technical recommendations to programme planning, implementation and reporting of the UNDAP.  The PPOC guides the analytical work in the UNDAP implementation process.  This responsibility includes planning, support to the management of the ONE UN fund, quality performance oversight, policy dialogue and participation.  

The United Nations Communications Group (UNCG) ensures coherent messaging from the ONE UN. the work of the UNCG improves the quality of dialogue with the host-country government, increases advocacy and helps to highlight results achieved by the UN at the country level. Communicating as One is critical for ensuring clear and consistent strategic positioning of the UN and its vision at the country level; developing common messages and policy positions; strengthening the outreach of the UN system by pooling efforts; supporting communication about the UN comparative advantages in the country to both internal and external stakeholders; and avoiding message duplication, inconsistencies and fragmentation. It implies developing common messaging and joint communication on key issues where the UN is active in the country.  The Monitoring and Evaluation Task Force .....

the Operations Management Team (OMT) working group is supporting the UNCT in ensuring that 'operating as one" will be translated by the end of 2018 in saving the $13.67 million which is the objective of the Business Operation Strategy (BOS).  (hyperlink to the document). The United Nations Country Team (UNCT) together with Security Management Team (SMT) are the responsibles for ensuring achievement of results and adherence to the UNDAP.    

The UN Resident Coordinator, in is role as chair of the UNCT, he is the leader  and the coordinator of the UNDAP and must oversee it's implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of the UNDAP  trhought the PPOC and M&E Task Force.   The Office of the Resident Coordinator supports in the preparations of annual recommendations to the UNCT with suggested adjustments in programme and budget required for the achievements of the UNDAP results, always in line with the strategic orientations defiend by the Steering Committee.   The Office provides as well operational support for the functioning of the STeering Committee.  

The One UN Steering Committee ensures at all times that the UNDAP and the work of the One Un is closely aligned with the EDPRS2  (hyperlink to the document or web), the Vision 20/20 (hyperlink to the document or web) and the Millenium Development Goals (hyperlink to the page within our web).  The steering committee decides on the strategic orientation for guidance of preparation of planning documents, monitoring progress of the implementtaion of the UNDAP and proposals for corrective measures, where appropiate.  It will approve allocation of funding from the One UN Fund.  


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